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An industry pioneer in many ways, N+FBC is dedicated to bringing new technology and opportunities to the nutrition, food, agriculture and personal care markets. Launched a decade ago, we strive to be the leading resource serving our clients’ needs for multi-functional analysis and commercialization of new technology.

When you’ve been exploring health technologies for developing a better market with experienced consultants devoted to enhancing life quality by bringing new technology and opportunities to the nutrition, food, agriculture and personal care markets, N+FBC has become a key factor in understanding how America thinks about health products and supplements. At N+FBC , we focus our multi-disciplinary resources on developing insights that create and capture value and meet client goals and objectives.

We build unique solutions from intensive, timely, hands-on research in the areas of nutrition, dietary supplements, food ingredients, health states and commercial development.

We were in the forefront of recognizing the organic food market, an important distinction as we focus on being caretakers of our resources, as well as natural food and health supporters.

We work with major third-party organizations to responsibly disseminate trustworthy health information and ensure quality in the field at large.

We understand the dynamics of the technology market intersections and are poised to decisively help our clients create and capture value from new opportunities.

We believe that health freedoms aren’t something to take for granted. As such, we champion and fund legislative efforts to guard our health.

It’s more than a business. We believe in giving back.

Committed to Scientific Validation

Our scientific knowledge is deep, our commitment to scientific validation is strong and our driving principle is simple at N+FBC. We look to nature, to guide in the formulation of products we represent, and we rely just as heavily on modern science to validate their effectiveness and to seek out ever greater discoveries in natural nourishment and health.

Working with a prestigious team of scientific professionals

Our scientific team consists of some of the world’s most respected scientific minds covering multiple disciplines, including both traditional and naturopathic medicine, integrative medicine, urology, biology, biochemistry, botany, agriculture and nutrition.

Working with the world’s most respected research institutions

Working together with leaders in medicine and health research helps keep N+FBC on the leading edge of scientific validation and discovery.

Scientific & business expertise in:

 Classical & emerging nutritional science

 Food product development

 Dietary supplements

 Functional foods and food ingredients

 Personal care

 Food and industrial enzymes

 Regulatory affairs

 Intellectual property

 Agricultural biotechnology

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