Mr. Alex Merolli, M.B.A.

Life Sciences Alliance

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Alex Merolli is Co-founder and principal in Life Sciences Alliance, a consultancy devoted to enhancing life quality by bringing new technology and opportunities to the agriculture, foods/food ingredient, and nutrition markets.

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MBA: Marketing Management, Iona College, New Rochelle, New York

BS: Food and Nutrition Science, Pennsylvania State University

Work Experience

  • General Foods, Product Development & Sensory Scientist

  • The Pillsbury Company, Director, Sensory Evaluation, Experimental Design and Statistics Groups

  • Haarmann & Reimer, formerly subsidiary of Bayer AG, now Symrise, Director New Products Marketing

  • Genencor International, Director of Marketing, Food, Dairy, and Animal Feed


Areas of specialization

  • Understanding the marketing opportunity for new technology: specifically,

  o Is there a market need?

  o What are the highest-value solutions to unmet needs?

  o Does the new technology meet the needs?

  o What is the size of the opportunity?

  o What is the projected return on investment?

  • TechQuest(tm), creative, tenacious searching for technologies meeting clients' strategic and business needs

  • Qualitative and quantitative market research with consumers and experts to understand commercialization issues and to inform investment decisions

  • International liaison and introductions to potential partners, other external services and researchers

  • Assistance with deal structure and management

  • Product development process and project planning

  • Competitive intelligence - collecting critical, hard-to-get information

  • Acquisition advice and due diligence

  • Technical and commercial due diligence

Special skills & interests

  • Examining the potential marketing opportunity for technology with emphasis on understanding any unmet needs, estimating the size of the opportunity, financial analysis including profitability, and return on investment estimates

  • Searching for and identifying enabling technologies which satisfy client's business or strategic needs

  • Primary quantitative and qualitative market research with consumers, experts, opinion leaders, or industry specific participants including development of interview guides, respondent identification, and data analysis

  • Sensory evaluation of foods and beverages

  • Business development agreements for technology providers and channel partners

  • Commercial opportunity assessment for Nutrigenomics; test kits and products for specific genotype/diet interactions

  • Food safety market assessment

  • Application of industrial enzymes to various food products and as functional in vivo dietary supplements

Some consulting examples

  • Examined the marketing opportunity for:

  o Oils from genetically modified plants for use as a functional food ingredient

  o Structured lipids delivering cardiovascular benefits

  o Carotenoids for poultry and aquaculture

  • Analyzed market for novel ingredient in the pet food industry

  • Generated consumer reactions to novel lipid from a genetically modified plant, that delivers health benefits

  • Commercial assessment of a new, recently commercialized structured lipid delivering weight management benefits

  • Evaluation of novel carbohydrate technology for use in the nutrition / food ingredient and industrial markets

  • Found enabling technology to deliver extended efficacy and controlled release benefits

  • Extensive due diligence of business plans for venture capital investment

  • Complete assessment supporting strategic move into nutrition market by major global company

  • In conjunction with his advisory board role with Burrill & Company's Life Sciences Nutraceuticals Capital Fund, helped to incubate a start up, Efficas, Inc., a nutraceutical discovery, development and marketing company